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An Awe Inspiring Spring

By: Kathy Robinson
     What an interesting Spring we’re having.  Actually, quite a beautiful one indeed!  At Robby’s Nursery, it’s been awhile since we have been as inspired, as this Spring.  Hopefully everyone of us has been inspired, but at the same time learned from the last few years.  Let’s remember our past lessons on water conservation as we forge ahead with redoing our gardens.
     The biggest change in our yards this Spring should be the frequency of watering.  We now know our yards can exist on far less water than we thought. Even our common everyday varieties of plants only need to be watered when they are dry.  The days of everyday soaking are over………Please don’t go back to those water wasting habits, no matter what the weather does!
     The last few years have also introduced us to a whole new plant pallet of Drought Tolerant Perennials.  How exciting it is to try new and different varieties The color and interest of a whole new array of plants has sparked the interest of many gardeners that thought “they had seen it all”.  Clearing out the old and bringing in some new has helped to make this an inspiring Spring.  And record sales are validating this point.
     Vegy Sales and Organic Gardening are another category inspiring especially the young gardener.  The wanting to “Grow Your Own” mentality has not been seen like this since the late 1960’s.  More and more interest has been show from our young families and teaching their Kids the joys of gardening.  From Lady Bug Sales to arbors of fruiting vines, new ways to beautify the garden are taking hold.  Just check out “Pinterest” if you have any doubts of these trends.
     Yard and Recycled Art is another change in the garden that we are seeing.  Creating focal points with these items has surpassed the “trend” stage and are becoming the norm in our own secret gardens.  Showing individuality with yard decor is fun and beautiful at the same time.  Lately, I have been walking around looking for another project to create more interest.  Both at home and at the nursery it’s been so  rewarding to hear all the compliments.