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Growing Your Own……….Vegy’s!

Written By:  Kathy Robinson

It certainly seems like an early Spring.  Easter comes at the end of March this year and the birds are back singing away. That means it’s time to get started on our Vegetables. At Robby’s Nursery & Calico Gardens we are having our Annual Vegy Seminar on Feb 27 at 1:00pm.  In the meantime, you can start planning this year’s plan of attack on Growing Your Own,  Vegy’s that is!

One of the most important steps to a great harvest is preparation.  Pick a nice Sunny area for your garden.  Get the area weeded and turn in some good organic matter.  A half mulch, half native soil mix is good.  We like Harvest Supreme or Soil Building Compost.

Your first round of planting can be “cool” season vegetables.  You can plant from seeds or, this late, it might be better plant from starter plants.  We usually have a nice long Spring so you can get another crop of the “Fall” vegys now, before the heat hits.
Early bird gardeners will start planting their tomatoes mid February.  Be sure to Hot Cap them if you are among this group. Come by and we can give you Robby’s tips on early tomatoes.  Or attend the seminar where we will go over these and many more hints on being successful with Vegy’s.

Fertilize your garden once a month with our Organic Vegetable Food.  Watch for insects or disease problems and treat accordingly.  Bring in samples of your problems in a plastic bag for help with diagnoses and a cure.  When maintaining a garden be sure to water in the early AM when the ground is dry.

Soon you will be harvesting the rewards of your work.  Nothing is better than fresh produce out of your own garden.  Vine ripened fruit and vegys are the best,  as all you current gardeners know so well.  We are looking forward to a Great Gardening Season with the blessings of Wonderful Spring Rains.