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November/December Newsletter 2015

Home Gardener’s Newsletter

November & December 2015


Here’s some articles you will find in this month’s issue:

  • Fall Gardening Tips
  • Do-Able Weekend Landscaping
  • Combat Stress
  • Fried Green Tomatoes

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Fall Gardening Tips

  1. Plant poppy seeds on Veterans Day, November 11th, for flowers next year.  The seeds are very small, so one technique for not planting them too close is to mix them with sand and sprinkle them in your garden.
  2.  Sow wildflower seeds & take advantage of rains.
  3.  Prevent peach leaf curl on peaches and nectarines – apply the first spray as soon as the leaves have fallen, and another one just before the flower buds open in February.  We have a spray that helps prevent this common disease.
  4. For Holiday Decorating – We will have gorgeous Christmas cactus, poinsettias & other blooming & colorful holiday plants – use them for gifts, & decorating!


Do-Able Weekend Landscaping

Sometimes re-landscaping seems like such a huge project, we end up doing nothing at all.  When that happens, start ‘thinking small’ and you’ll actually get more done.  What can you accomplish in a day?

Perhaps replace a poor-performing pant, or focus on one small area.  Consider replacing groups of plants with dead branches, are high maintenance, aren’t thriving, or have stopped producing abundant blooms.

Just remember, if you replace plants with different watering needs, you must adjust the watering frequency and duration to the needs of the new plants.  Or you will need to gradually replace the other plants on that watering station, so their water needs match.

Grouping plants with smaller water needs is important because over-watering or under-watering will kill the plants.

Combat Stress

Veterans suffering from combat stress (also known as ‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), as well as other people dealing with stress, should give gardening a try.  No surprise to gardeners, “Horticulture therapy” has been shown to reduce pain, improve attentions, lower agitation, and reduce the need for medication.

This observation isn’t new; Dr Benjamin Rush, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, wrote that mentally ill patients improved through this earthy activity, and modern studies have demonstrated this again and again.  Gardening is healthy for all of us!

Studies have also shown that houseplants or cut flowers in a room are beneficial and improve mood.

Whatever the reason, there are many benefits from communing with nature and enjoying the sights, smells, and peaceful activity that gardeners know well.  So the next time someone tells you to rake leaves or pull weeks, thank them for the opportunity to enjoy “horticulture therapy.”


Fried Green Tomatoes!

Here is another use for green tomatoes.  If you haven’t eaten these, you may be surprised at how delicious they are.

Mix together in a large bowl: corn meal, flour, or finely ground break crumbs with salt and pepper added to taste.  Slice green tomatoes thickly and dip them into this mixture, then shake off the excess.  In a frying pan, heat butter, oil, or bacon fat, add the tomatoes and saute them until golden-brown.  Eat them as soon as they have cooled off enough not to burn your mouth.

These vegetables will have a delicious, slightly tart flavor that makes it impossible to stop after eating just one!